The Vow

I always thought that there’s something about a serious actor (meaning an actor who always has a serious face regardless of the movie he’s in) who does a romantic movie. I don’t know, I think that the mysterious kind of face just adds to the whole story… and this were my thoughts exactly when I first saw the trailer of The Vow.

Channing Tatum rarely smiles in his movies, but he did such a really good job on Dear John and that I thought putting him together with Rachel McAdams, who did exceptionally well on ‘The Notebook’ by the way, would be just perfect.

The wife who suffers and accident and loses her memory. The husband who has to fight so she will fall in love with him again. The whole thing based on true events. It was the perfect love story… except the movie didn’t tell it right.

I must say that it wasn’t all I thought it would be. The husband doesn’t get many chances to show his love for his wife. The wife kind of gets on my nerves. There isn’t enough romance and the ‘chemistry’ between them was not quite there.

So, what do I do after watching the movie? I googled the real story, the one the movie is based on and guess what?

They have very little in common, which really added to my disappointment.

Here are a few things that are different between the movie and the real story:

Movie – They move in together and have sex before getting married
Real Story – They don’t sleep together until they are married and only live together after the wedding

Movie – They get divorced (oops, have I said too much? lol)
Real Story – They only get separated, but never divorced

Movie – God is not mentioned at all
Real Story  – Both husband and wife are Christians and live according to their faith in God… But Hollywood would never include that one, would they?

It’s an ok movie but will not go to my list of favorites.

Sherene Changoo

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