Are you missing your Vital Minerals?

If like me, you quite like the idea of ‘get up and go’ without the hassle of having to add yet another ‘to do’ to your list in the morning, get over it and get over it quick! We’re missing out on some vital minerals, and by this I mean vitamins.

Now, I hit the big 3-0 this year, yes 30. I know, isn’t it just shocking?!? However, I do actually love it, and I’ve started to see another perspective, but my body has begun to remind me of the neglect I put it through all these years (you’d think it would have given me a sign before now?). For the first time in 30 years, I got struck with the flu, which lasted for a whole week! I was used to my body rejecting the virus quickly but this time, I got hit and got hit hard. As I lay in bed, sick and feeling sorry for myself, the visual of a forgetful old me sprung to mind, not remembering my name and most importantly, forgetting the name of my favourite meal (God forbid!). Oh, and how about aches and pains and all of that….. oh, hell no! The thought of me not being able to bust a move at the ready, woke me up to the importance of investing in my body with some vitamins.

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