2012 – the year we broke our own records!

This year was full of challenges and coming out of my shell,
There have been hard moments and problems but mega blessings as well!
My character was broken many a time and my emotions were stretched thin,
But I took part in so many fab UCKG meetings and made such progress from within.

The Spirit of Love  really was amazingly present in our family and friends this year,
My hubby and I did the Love Walk, walked the Red Carpet and shared our testimony everywhere!
We spoke about it at our HelpCentres, on Liberty Radio and on Finding Answers on Sky TV,
And I watched my hubby sacrifice his freedom, comfort, funds and time to make me happy!

The Love School came to London and I saw my spiritual parents Mrs Cris and Bishop Renato,
I’m a peaceful doer married to a fun perfectionist, and learned that knowledge makes love grow
But the most momentous love life surprises has to be the marriages of my Mum and Mel!
I can’t believe we pulled off two fab international weddings and shocking bridal showers as well!

Mel married her Togolese prince, Elom at the first UCKG wedding in Ghana,
It was a fantastic day full of love and joy and an unforgettable pastor!
In September, the Elders and co blessed us greatly as we travelled for the Matthews union,
I can’t believe we really did it, and it was also the first UCKG wedding in St. Lucia!

I became a Natural V-woman and a RAHAB Advisor, in my Godlywood group
And was part of a wonderful consecration of assistants, a special spiritual troop!
God has given me so many brothers, sisters and mothers and so much love they show!
To name a few, The UCKG Family, Assistants and Elders, Paulo and Mary Jo!

This year I got out more, had many tea evenings with the Elders and even went on 2 holidays!
Watched fab films like Avengers & Dark Night  and got a Cineworld unlimited upgrade!
I got shifted to premium class and sat with the female  X Factor finalists on a plane to sunny St. Lucia
We even took pics with them in our Realise Event tops – promoting it before they met Tulisa!

Whether it’s bridal showers, parties, dinners, shows… events are what make me tick!
I loved helping at Break the Silence, the Fashion Dinner and the Pledge Night and being part of F6.
I finally quit my daily intake of galaxy choc, and Haribos and became the PT’s biggest loser
I faced my fear of public speaking once more and became a DKW Comment Reader and Presenter

I spent most of the year asking God to show me the windows of heaven as a tither
But my days, when I look back, I realised that the window this year was much wider!
I’ve really been a part of  two weddings, have a fab new home and a new Graphics team situation
I’m amazed by the passion of the oldies there & even more amazed at the newbies multiplication!

The greatest lie ever told is that people can not change – bpcelsojunior.com
I got bolder and brighter this year and used the word “dramas” more than”da bomb!”
On a serious note, I finally  got Kiran to work on our new site for the Purple Touch!
I threw away my label of procrastinator and when people visit it,  it will be loved much!

The first Purple baby graced us through Neecy and Rosie’s sacrifice made her a dualist!
Lisa-Marie rocked in her professional career, and became Chrissy B’s creative live stylist!
Gem went from strength to strength this year and really became an asset in all things,
And Melly has made us amazingly proud as she has really spread her talented wings!

There is so much that has happened this year and I am sure there’s more that I’ve forgotten,
One of my greatest achievements is my fundraising effort and not becoming internally rotten!
I say this because, life is one big challenge and it’s a fight to match up to everyone’s fashion…
So I no longer bother with that, as this year I learned how to serve God with passion!

Sherene Changoo

2012 the year I did a few things for the first time; became an aunty, visited St Lucia, took an exam in property management and a few others besides!

I changed careers to go from retail to working in housing in October last year and its only this year that I can say that I now feel confident in my role. After plenty of ups and downs in my last role, it took me a while to get used to this one. I remember that even when I was going to book holidays, I was waiting for the restrictions on when I could have them (in retail I had to work around other managers, sales, half terms, etc) and having every Saturday off was like heaven!! Most of all it was the backing of my manager from the start. Yes I made mistakes, after all I was learning, but I wasn’t condemned or frozen out. I was backed, encouraged and taken time with. It has definitely been a journey which culminated in my passing an exam in October so that I am now an Associate of the Institute of Residential Property Management.


I became an aunty to Israel Damian Allen in September and I am loving it!! He is so cute and wonderful and I can’t wait to take him to his first Manchester United match. His dad might have a problem with that but he won’t know until I send him a picture from the stadium lol. What he has also brought is a new found respect for my sister Denice. She is now not just my little sis but a mother. She has overcome so much personally this year and fought her battles and is overcoming them with a strength that I admire and hope that I have something close to that. Little Israel is thriving under her love and care and I am totally and absolutely in love with him

I had an absolutely amazing holiday in St Lucia with lots of my church family to attend the wedding of Gemma, Melissa and Sherene’s mum Mrs Verena. Such an amazing woman who when I heard about the trip, I was just like sign me up, I am coming! I had wanted to go to St Lucia for a while but a series of unfortunate incidents (my beloved friends! Lol) meant that it didn’t happen. But when it did, it was amazing!! It wasn’t just a holiday but a revelation! I had never travelled with so many people before but it was fab! I was with so many people that I love and respect and there was a branch of the UCKG there as well! Attending the service was just like a home away from home and shows how the church is in the same Spirit all over the world. It also showed me, I can’t limit myself to just the UK. When God saved me, he brought me to a worldwide ministry (that I have attended in 3 different countries now) that is always growing and I can find in many countries world wide and technology is so advanced that I can keep in contact with all my family and friends all over the world. My nephew was born whilst I was in St Lucia but I knew within minutes of his birth and had a video of him when he was just a few hours old as well as updates throughout my trip. And the minute I landed, I literally opened my front door, threw my suitcase down, grabbed my car keys and went to meet him.

I said goodbye to 2 Purples as they went to Ghana to get married! So happy for my friends and would never have guessed that’s where they would end up. Especially Melissa lol. Unfortunately I couldn’t be present at either of them but am planning to visit Africa for the first time next year oooh err!! What they have both shown is that God is always faithful to his servants and don’t put any limits on Him. They are both so special to me and I’m so happy to see my beautiful sisters with men that will look after them, encourage them, love them and treat them as they deserve and more.

I cannot limit my God when He doesn’t have any limits! It says all things are possible for a reason because they are! I love living in the UK, love London, I would never have considered meeting anyone from a different country and living anywhere else apart from the UK. But this year turned some long held beliefs on their head! I don’t know what God has planned but I’m leaving everything in His hands and going to forge ahead for more blessings. 2013 is going to bring about the fruit of what I learned this year that’s for sure. Bring it on!!!

Lisa-Marie Bradnock

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