Lisa-Marie Bradnock

Name: Lisa-Marie Bradnock

Born & Bred where? Manchester for the first 16 years, London thereafter but I will always be a Northerner first!!

Nickname or better known as: Lisa or Lis (as in Leece)

Majestic in Marriage? Or Stunning Singleton? Absolutely fabulously Stunning Singelton (for now……..)

Most embarrassing moment: So many, most recent would have been throwing seaweed at someone on holiday then buckling as I ran away lol

Fave holiday: St Lucia with my family in faith

Fave food: Lamb!! Put it any way you want to, and I will take it!!!

Biggest pearl in life: My faith, no question

Biggest peril: At times, maybe my own mouth lol

Biggest drama you managed to solve: Probably every time I had to organise the children at any event. Take lots of children aged from 6months to 11yrs old and add volunteers that don’t turn up = major drama!!

Fave colour: Purple first, but I do love bright colours

The Purple you are closest to and why? My sister is number one, but apart from family, its Sherene. She is my sister from another mister and I love her loads

Biggest dream: So many, but one is to travel to many different countries like Singapore, the Maldives and Antigua are just a few on my list

Fave Actor: Some of my all time faves are Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington (Training Day!!) but recently people like Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are high up there too

Fave movie or TV programme: I have loads. Just a few are Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Downton Abbey, X-Factor and Britains Got Talent and Americas Next Top Model whew!!

Fave song: This depends on my mood, right now its Read all about it Emeli Sande

Most used word or phrase: Probably “fab”, I do think we need a “Purple” phrasebook though as amonst us we have so many lol. Why should anyone read what you have to say anyway? I tell it like it is! Sometimes its harsh, sometimes its nice, but its always real

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