Gemma Passley

Name: Gemma Passley

Born & Bred where? London, UK (however, I lived in St.Lucia for 3 years!)

Nickname or better known as: Gem or Gemz

Majestic in Marriage? Or Stunning Singleton? Married for almost 2 years!

Most embarrassing moment: Oh sooooo many…. Falling flat on my back at Paddington Station in Rush Hour (I was strutting away in my new boots – which were so new that they were too slippery!)

Fave holiday: St.Lucia 2012 with some great people! I would love to go to The Maldives though. Oh yes and South Africa on Safari…

Fave food: Pizza!

Biggest pearl in life: My faith because it takes me everywhere

Biggest peril: Fake people

Biggest drama you managed to solve: Hmmmm…. That’s a hard question! Probably something concerning DKW – a guest not turning up for a live show or something! Come back to me on that one!

Fave colour: Purple of course!

The Purple you are closest to and why? Well I would have to say Sherene and Melissa – since I have spent over 20 years with them!

Biggest dream: Ooh that would be telling! However, one of my dreams is to set up an orphanage.

Fave Actor: Julia Roberts

Fave movie or TV programme: ?

Fave song: It changes but at the moment it is Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Most used word or phrase: Fab! Or Hil! Oh yes and LOL!

Why should anyone read what you have to say anyway? I speak my mind and I am not afraid to be controversial. There, I said it.

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