Melissa Doussey

Name: Melissa Doussey (My first name is actually Verene, but shhhh don’t tell anyone)

Born & Bred where? East London!!!

Nickname or better known as: Lissa, Mel or Melom (seeing as my hubby’s name is Elom)

Majestic in Marriage? Or Stunning Singleton? Stunningly Majestic in Marriage!

Most embarrassing moment: Cor blimey, I’ve had a few! One would be not closing the toilet door properly on a Virgin train and having the crew manager open the door on me mid-flow! *cringe!!* could not wait to get off that train!!!

Fave holiday: I have had a few that have been fab: A weekend in Rome, a New York hol with my girls, but absolutely loved going to St Lucia this year (2012) with a whole heap of people whom I love!

Fave food: My mum’s homemade lasagne! Nothing beats it!

Biggest pearl in life: Having a true relationship with God. It’s the best thing ever!

Biggest peril: Being in closed spaces with tons of people and no ventilation!

Biggest drama you managed to solve:
As I run my own business, there is constant drama! Staff turning up late, staff not turning up! Late payment of invoices and more! However, a recent drama was my husband thinking he had malaria – that was pretty dramatic. I solved the problem by taking him to the hospital – lol!

Fave colour: Purple!!!

The Purple you are closest to and why? Aside from my sisters Sherene and Gemma, it’s gotta be Rosie. She is not only my Starbucks/Costa buddy but has been there through many of my low moments as well as the high! Also, we have recently become in-laws!

Biggest dream: Well, I couldn’t possibly reveal my biggest dreams as they are very personal, but I would love to one day learn to play the violin…

Fave Actor: Will Smith has been a long time favourite. I also think Meryl Streep is a great actress.

Fave movie or TV programme: Gotta be good old Eastenders!

Fave song at the moment: Beyonce “I was here” love it 🙂

Most used word or phrase: “When I say!”

Why should anyone read what you have to say anyway? Well, they don’t have to, BUT I have been through many different experiences, from starting my own business to temporarily migrating to Africa!!! With everything I have been through (the good and the bad) I have learnt some very valuable lessons and have much to share! I believe the lessons I have learnt and things I have been through can also make a positive difference in the lives of our readers!

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