Rosie Ahianyo

Name: Rosie Ahianyo

Born & Bred where? South London – whoop whoop!

Nickname or better known as: Rose or Roooowsie (don’t ask why lol)

Majestic in Marriage? Or Stunning Singleton? I’m stunning and about to be majestic in marriage – Ha!

Most embarrassing moment: Well, I have had so many embarrassing moments. One was arriving for a ferry in France to go back to London and seeing it set off right before my eyes, I was hoping they’d let us on!

Fave holiday: New York 2007 with the girls and Ghana 2010 – both were life changing holidays.

Fave food: I love chocolate and chicken!

Biggest pearl in life: My faith in God is my lifeline.

Biggest peril
: Insects! I’m itching just thinking about them Arrrggghhhhhh!

Biggest drama you managed to solve: When my mum collapsed at home – yikes! She woke up suddenly and acted like I was the one causing a scene (?!). I called the ambulance anyway and forced her inside it! A very scary experience. Turns out she was OK, but just very exhausted. You can never take chances with a life – always call for help when necessary.

Fave colour: Purple of course!

The Purple you are closest to and why? I am close to all the Purple Touch ladies, I can go to any one of them for anything, but I am closest to Melissa. We have gone through many challenges and achieved victories together and like she said, she is now my in-law!

Biggest dream: Now that will be telling, but watch this space for my dream to unfold.

Fave Actor: Damon Wayan’s from My Wife and Kids

Fave movie or TV programme
: Sister Act 2 – absolutely love it!

Fave song
: Igwe by Midnight Crew

Most used word or phrase: “What did you say to me?” , “Indeed!” and “Fab!”

Why should anyone read what you have to say anyway? I like to talk about my experiences even if they were difficult situations. I’m known to add a bit of humour, making challenging lessons easier to swallow.

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