Sherene Changoo

Name: Sherene Changoo

Born & Bred where? Hackney, London!

Nickname or better known as: Sher, Mrs Changoo, Mrs C or She She

Majestic in Marriage? Or Stunning Singleton? Majestic in marriage for nearly 6 years to Golden Eagles defender, Linborn!

Most embarrassing moment: Too many but has to be announcing the performance, “Our Daily Bread”  instead of “Our Daily Battle” to thousands on youths at a live event a couple years ago! I practised it so many times and still got it wrong.

Fave holiday: St. Lucia for my mum’s wedding and New York  with the girls in 2007 – that was life-changing!

Fave food: Salt fish, sweet potato and avocado with sweet chilli sauce and my mum’s chocolate cake!

Biggest pearl in life: My relationship with God. He is the best Listener ever!

Biggest peril: Abuse against women and children – I hate it!

Biggest drama you managed to solve: I

Fave colour: Purple 🙂

The Purple you are closest to and why? My sisters for sure, but put family aside it’s Lisa-Marie. We have been through so much together and she has always remained a faithful friend. She is not perfect (lol), but she’s always there for me.

Biggest dream: To see many people discover that actually there is much more to life that was we see with our physical eyes! This revelation is the best kept secret yet it’s life-changing.

Fave Actor: Last month it was Channing Tatum, this month it’s cross between Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Liam Neeson!

Fave movie or TV programme: I just can’t answer this one because there are just too many!

Fave song: At this present time it’s Read All About it  (Emeli Sande) and Payphone (Maroon 5)

Most used word or phrase: “Dramas”  “Love It! ” “Aint it lovely?” ” I’m telling you!”

Why should anyone read what you have to say anyway? I often write about things that people also go through but are afraid or embarrassed to share. I write in the hope of helping others to find a way out of their problems through being sincere, which is rare to find these days.

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